I did get the piston-to-valve clearance taken, which was good. I have a lot of room for a larger cam. My only problem is, the heads don’t flow any better above .750 lift. My cam is .748/.748 and that is taking advantage of all of the head potential.

I installed the oil pump and put the pan on. I had to disassemble the pan to clean out the area under the screen and behind the trap door. Used loctite on all the screws on the inside of the pan. I think I got all the gaskets and sealant in the right spots to stop leaks. We will see when I start up and warm it up to normal operating temp.. I also got one head torqued down and the other one is ready to be put on.

Tomorrow I should get the other head on, install the damper, put the lifters, install the intake manifold then put the rockers and pushrods in the engine and set the cold valve lash. The flywheel will be last. The engine should be real close to being ready to swing into the car by the end of the day.