He makes posts on “Racepics.net” all the time and he is one of the most knowledgeable racers on the internet. He will help anyone and share his information with anyone that asks. My prayers go out to Ronnie for a fast recovery.

I spoke with him today and I expect to see him back at the track in “L’ il Sumptin” Camaro or the monster N2O assisted 1968 Camaro 565 later in the year. Right now his wife has him grounded until the burns heal.

If you want more detailed information and to see photos, go to http://racepics.net – click on: Bench Racing: “fofo bad luck but OK” (you must be a member or join the message board, which is free).

Read the 4 pages of posts from well wishers as well as comments from fofo on how to avoid some of the problems that he had during the fire.