┬áDon’t feel like being bothered with it any more. I did the honing, but it did not come out like I wanted. I have a lot of piston to wall clearance to play with (it is tight), in fact, I will be better off with more clearance.

I did prove one thing, much to my delight. #3 rod is straight.

I had commented on my crank being standard size for the past 10 years. It now needs to be either cut or polished on the rod bearing surfaces. I will let the machine shop decide on the mains. They are borderline.

I purchased all my gaskets yesterday and some other misc. needed items. Gary Carter, at Internal Engine Parts Warehouse, pointed out that my intake gasket was the wrong configuration for my heads and manifold. He showed me where it had been leaking. The other side was destroyed during removal, so we only had one gasket there. I am sure both sides had to be leaking. Intake leaks can have a devastating effect on engine power. Gary ordered the correct gasket for my engine.

At my age, engine disassembly, measurements and assembly is not as much fun as it once was. After this one, I shall pay someone to do this, or better yet, buy a crate motor! I am almost at that point right now.