We also checked three cylinders using the leak down tester . The results were not good on 3 of the 8 cylinders. Number one seems to have bad leak into the pan indicated by the leak down tester(76% of 100%). The other two also were leaking into the pan. The good one’s were in the 94-96% range.

We took the instructions out for the rings that I used during the re-build earlier this year and they indicated that I should have .020″ for the top ring and .024″ for the second ring, which I file fit myself. The Reher-Morrison book calls for approximately .018″ and .020″ for my engine. They also say: “Follow Mfg. instructions”, which I did.

I will go back to my instructions that my original engine builder, Bryon Durham, gave me when the engine was new. I used them for 4 previous rebuilds and never had a problem. The rings that I used in the past were Speed-Pro Plasma-Moly file-fit rings.

There are some other things that I will try to get done while it’s out. New springs, new lifters, valve job (if needed) and we decided to take the heads down a few cc’s even them out and raise the compression ratio. We will hone the block, check the bearings and crank and do what’s called for.

The engine is almost ready to be pulled as of now. It should be apart by Friday. I have some Dr. apt. this week that will slow me down.

Since it is so hot, maybe by the time it is cool again in South Louisiana, I will be ready to race. If I can make the Battle of the Bayou (BOB) on October 31, 2009 at State Capitol Raceway, I will be happy.

The hard part is done. The car is great, looks good (my new graphics are ready), it goes straight and everything works electrically.

I should have some time to help Reggie Jackson finish his dragster.