Yesterday we went to SCR. With help from Reggie Jackson, Barbara and a nice young man, Glenn Young, we got the car unloaded and up for the first time trial in Super Pro. I forgot to turn on the air bottle and therefore it did not shift. The seat belts were set up for Houston, so while everyone waited, I had to adjust seat belts. The car ran a very poor 10.21 at only 131.82 MPH. I have no idea where I shifted, but it was very high.

The second time trial was against Jason, in his new Camaro. Just what I wanted, but I slept the light and the car only ran 9.89 @ 135.17 MPH. Jason ran a 8.67 @ 154.68 MPH. Now I’m really upset!

After the 2nd T. T. I raised the starting line RPM to 5700 (from 4300)and the shift point was set at 7000 (from 6700). I also kicked the timing up from 35 to 38 degrees.

In the first round of eliminations, I ran Rose Ezell and although I cut a .001 green to her .016 green, the car did not run the number and she won the round. I ran 9.858 @ 135.25 MPH on a 9.70.

Although I was quick to point to the converter, after talking to Houston, he feels there is something wrong in the engine. We may have broken valve springs or leaking valves. I did some tests myself a week ago and had some suspect readings, but blew them off. Plus, I found out I did not do the tests correct (compression).

We are going to look at all of that again this week, do what it takes to fix it, then test it again. Thank God we did not hurt anything big or hit a wall. As Barbara pointed out, which is the same thing that Houston said after the Father’s Day race, I can just leave it as it is, put a good dial-in on the window and win some rounds.