I finally got to talk to my painter and asked him about the primer and how he mixed the paint.

Wait! Let’s back up a little. I told him about my two try’s at painting the fender wells and he told me that I was using the wrong paint!

He had put clear coat-base coat paint on the car, and I was using a regular enamel paint. What really ticks me off is, I told the paint store that it was clear coat-base coat when I went in there to purchased it. I even took the spoiler in with me and they used their little detector to determine the correct color, and they commented on how cheap the paint was ($18.00/pt). Not cheap to me!

Back to the painter. He gave me a price to repaint both quarter panels, plus materials. I asked about some type of stripe to break up the vast amount of open blue space behind the door and he gave me a price on that.

I took the car to Central Graphics and had Jeff lay out some flames for the back half of the car on his computer. This will be partial wrap of both quarter panels. It will be unique. The price was right (much less than the paint, with or without the stripes) and he may be able to get it done by the end of next week. With all the rain in the forecast, this seems to be a good time to do the work.

I started the car, checked the timing, which was at 42 degrees, and put it down to 36 degrees. Houston was right again, the timing was wrong. He was also right on the converter. The engine now starts much better than it did for Father’s Day.

I set the idle, adjusted the carb and checked all the fluids before I put it in the trailer. I had to back up a few times so I must have put everything back correct from the converter change.

IF it doesn’t rain tomorrow, I will take the car out to SCR and do a little testing. (No comments on my fender well paint job!)