I want to make some more changes, but I would also like to know just what difference the new converter makes. Since the tires are off, I will swap sides to help with the 60 ft. times. After I make a couple of runs, I will raise the wheelie bars about two inches, make a few runs and then change the carb to my BG 1090.

I still have not decided what to do about the hood scoop and air cleaner. Right now I am running without the air cleaner and it is not sealed to the scoop. I know this is costing me some tenths. I need about 2 1/4″ to get the air cleaner on. I contemplated cutting a round hole in the top of the cowl induction and just let the K&N filter (with K&N top filter cover) stick out. I can always make a nice even cut and replace it if it does not work. The other solution is to purchase a 9″ high cowl induction hood, like the yellow/gold Monte Carlo at NPRP.

I did some small cosmetic things, but I still have both fender wells to finish. Now I remember why I pay people to do my paint and body work! The last time I spray painted a part of a car was in 1997, right before Super Chevy in Houston.