I have a new aftermarket converter that I purchased over two years ago. The past two weeks were the first runs on the converter. I called the converter company and told them what was going on (crossing at over 7800 RPM). The technician said I had the wrong converter and this one cannot be reconfigured to something that I can use with my combination. I was very disappointed because when I ordered the converter, not directly from them, but through a mail order company, they were given all the specs. on the car, engine and dyno sheets. Now I have to start my hunt for the correct converter all over again.

I have decided to look at the following companies: ATI, Coan, TCI and TSI. Marcus likes ATI, I like Coan and TCI, Van has a TSI spragless converter that he likes.

I have an old 9″ TCI which is configured for a SBC 4500 stall. My 9″ TCI has no runs on it. Due to the economy (my deflated pocketbook) I hope to get TCI to rework this unit to match what I need for my present BBC engine. If not, I will make a decision based on which company $ound$ the be$t.

Yesterday I reset all the valve lashes and checked a lot of other items under the hood. So far, all is well. I have a lot of other maintenance to do and some cosmetic items to fix around the rear fender wells where the tires made the room that they needed on the top end.