We took the hood off one time on Sat. morning after the first pass and never took it off again!

I would like to thank Mr. Houston Hawkins and his wife Marva, for taking over the driving and handling of the car on Sunday. I was just too beat and exhausted to drive. I really enjoyed seeing the car go down the track. I could get use to this! My grandson, Jeremy (19 years old), wants to drive and I may just give up the seat to him.

Houston pointed out some issues with the car, namely the wheelie bars being too low, the timing may be off a little, the converter is very much in need of more stall and we are still trying to find the correct starting line RPM and shift point. Each time we changed something Sunday, the car got quicker, our MPH went up and the 60′ came down. Houston ran and 9.24 @ 143.28 MPH on his last run. Almost a tenth quicker and 2 MPH faster than I was.

Houston had nothing but good things to say about the way the car handled, the power of the engine and how good everything worked. As I said before, I am very happy! That was a lot of work. Now we can concentrate on becoming consistent. With consistency comes winning!

I shot some real nice photos of the car and I have a video clip that I am trying to edit. The video uncut version has a lot of ground, guardrail, sky and other junk in it.