Took the car to NPRP today for the, Vette vs. Mopar Annual Benefit Race. “Send a Kid to Spina Bifida Camp” Campaign Benefit. The admission was $20 no matter where you wanted to run. I made one pass and everything worked as it should, but I never got into it very hard off the line and let up after the 1/8 mile, which was the plan. The slicks felt like they were really slick, and the rear end was moving around a lot.

This was the 3rd pass on the tires and the car. The 60′ was 1.642 and the time was, 11.893 @ 79 MPH. At this rate, it will be Winter before I get into the high eights or low nines! I was back home and parked before 2 PM. I thought it was hot Friday night at SCR but I was scorching at NPRP today at Noon.