First I wanted to determine why it did not shift. I have a replay tachometer and it indicated that I was well past my shift point of 5000 RPM and I had to shift myself. After some troubleshooting, I found I had left a jumper out of the RPM Activated Switch ckt. that brings 12 VAC to the switch and the shift solenoid. With that installed, everything works correct.

Second I got on the phone and ordered another Mandrel, which broke, and a longer bolt to replace all of the alternator drive parts that flew off the car when I took off. They should be here later this week. The alternator is fine.

I pulled all the plugs and inspected and cleaned them. They were all black about the same amount. #2 and #4 were wet. Reggie said I had a little light smoke coming from the right side. The right side tire was rubbing the rear fender well so we don’t know exactly where the smoke was coming from. I will trim the right fender well some more later this week.

Last, but not least, I put foam on the underside of the hood so I can put it on the top of the car when I am working on the engine at the track.

Three days down and 4 to go!