I did start on installing the new grill. It is almost finished. Just trying to figure out how to suspend something in space (the headlight covers on a RS Camaro grill). I am between fabricating some type of bracket or leaving the big hole on each side. Most of the stock mounting brackets, braces and light mounting hardware was removed or seriously altered when they modified the front of the car to make it able to lift off. Whichever way I go, it looks many times better then it did. No more 68 grill in the 67 body.

It is nice not having any real mechanical worries or electrical installation to do. Today I spent some time at Central Graphics ordering the lettering for the car. It will be the same as the last “Mr. Skip”. I may go with some flames later on, after I see how this looks on the solid color. I will still have to get the rear fender wells smoothed out later.