A lot of work has been done on the electrical system on the car, but a lot is left to be done. This is very time consuming and it does not lend itself to quick installation. The drawings that I made are very, very helpful. Going slow is also very helpful. Several mistakes have been caught and corrected, both on the drawing and in the physical wiring. Barbara came out to see how I was doing and during the “show & tell” I found that I had left the cable for the crank trigger off the drawing and had not run the cable.

I still have to mount the delay box and the plate containing the MSD and the RPM Activated switch, which will be the next items to go in. The switch panel has been labeled, along with all the other wires that come into it. I think by the end of this week I should be done with the electrical system.

I can see start-up in the second week of April, before April 10th. I will be a few weeks before the car is ready for the track. The seat frame must be constructed and installed and the wing and wheelie bars must be put back on along with the Lexan windows. I want to have it scaled, pinion angle set and a racing alignment.

If I am forgetting anything, please drop me an email and let me know: oholber@gmail.com. I don’t have the drive shaft back from Houston yet.