The best thing was the seat. Brandon used an old seat mount that he had laying around and it raised my seating position about 2″ and put me in perfect position to see over the scoop and to look down at my gauges. The seat belts now fit over the shoulders within the specification in the rule book and the seat is braced correctly. The seat cover fits perfect. Brandon also made a parachute cable holder and attached it to the bar the holds the chute. Looks real good and functional. To ease my mind, he put some more weld on the rack attachments, where they attach to the car in the front. The window net was modified, and that came out real good. Brandon took less than 48 hours to do what would have taken me another week to do (and would not have been half as nice).

The weight of the car is: 2790 lbs. with the driver’s weight of 205 lbs., with equipment (car weighs 2585 lbs. with all fluids full). The pinion angle was set at, 3 degrees down. My old Moroso slide rule says I should do, 8.65 @ 157 MPH. That slide rule is never correct. I think it will be closer to, 8.85 @ 152 MPH, after we get all the bugs out.

Thanks Brandon!

I stopped by Central Graphics on the way home to get them to measure the door and window space for my graphics. When I provide the graphics, they will cut it and apply it to the car, unless I decide to do it myself, as I normally do (I did it myself).