I have been working off the items on the list. I installed the parachute and attached the spoiler to the trunk lid. It really looks good. I also removed the front Koni adjustable shocks from the front and set them to approximately 50/50. I installed the air bottle for the air shifter, connected everything and bubble tested for leaks.

Silas Rogers noticed the front wheels were not turning very free, but I blew it off as having just tested the line-lock. The real reason was, the spindle nuts were very, very tight and not allowing the bearing to roll free. When I removed the front brake caliper to re-install the lock wire, I noticed the rotor would not turn free as it should, with no brake caliper. I will check the bearings and repack them after I finish the lock wire.

I am missing one bolt from the inside of the brake assembly. It is a special locking star bolt, supplied by Wilwood. I hope Sonny has one laying around, otherwise I have to order it. I would not have found this had I not decided to re-lockwire the assembly. None of the five bolts on either side has any lock wire.

I started the window installation at the back of the car. I discovered I have the wrong size rubber spacing for the windows. It is on order and will be here early next week. I have enough of the correct size to do the back, but not the front. There is plenty of cutting and fitting to do, so I will not lose too much time. The sides do not require any spacing rubber.