Between Silas, Red, Alvin and Cecil we found the problem and a new MSD distributor is on the way.

We checked oil pressure with a shaft connected to a drill and had well over 70 PSI, so our bottom end is OK. Silas and Red checked the valves and inspected all the springs. All is OK with the 540!

I spent all day working on the windows. I have all the sides cut and the front and rear are laid out to be cut tomorrow. The paint on the edges is drying on the sides and they will be installed sometime this coming week. I had to order some 3/4″ wide rubber for the front window. It should be here Tues. or Weds. Lizzie’s and Myeshia’s graduation is Thursday. Three of Linda’s children are out of high school and one to go! I may not get too much done before Friday.