No progress on the car. I warmed it up today. Still have a very slight leak at the front of the oil pan. I will start on the windows tomorrow. I am still ticked off about the Lexan! Good thing I kept the old windows. They will be the templet.

May 9th – Late – Three years ago, after a long layoff due to engine rebuild, I was ready to go to the track and meet Mr. Van Johnson at NPRP. I got into the car and drove it around to the street to put it in the trailer. When I tried to back up, it would not go into Reverse. We pushed the car back behind the house and I called Van and explained that we would not be meeting him due to transmission problems. I was highly upset! Van hesitated, then he asked, in that voice that only Mr. Johnson can duplicate, “Mr. Holbert, do you have a Pro-Brake”? All I could do was say, “I’ll see you at the track”!

Today, when I tested the transmission, I put it into Reverse and the wheels were rotating in the forward direction (CCW)??? I put it into Low and High and got the same rotation. I applied the brake, put it back into Reverse, and the wheels slowly rotated CCW.

I shut everything down and thought about all it would take to remove the transmission. Then I thought about the episode I described above, and Mr. Johnson’s question.

I don’t have the Delay Box in the car yet so I rigged up a toggle switch to the trans-brake and connected it to a hot terminal on my connection board. When I flipped the switch, I heard the familiar “Click” of the trans-brake. I started the engine and went through the gears successfully, energizing the trans-brake when I went into Reverse.

Check off one more item from the list!