I reviewed my list of “Things-to-do”, before I can go to the track for the first time. It is much shorter now, only about 20 items. I would like to get it scaled and the pinion angle set at Pro-Fab by Sonny sometime within the next two weeks. I will also get a front end alignment from Joe Louis’ Car Care in Plaquemine, LA.. Central Graphics is going to do the graphics and logo for me.

Today I will start it up, warm it up and go through all the gears while on the jack stands. If everything works well through the gears, Monday I will put the wheelie-bars and spoiler back on.

Sometime next week, I hope to move the car outside and install the parachute (and test and repack it). I have a series of “old folks” doctors and dentist appointments in the next two weeks that will take a lot of time. The car can be out getting some of those things mentioned above completed.

I am just happy the engine is running just fine with no problems. Everything else will be easy, even if the transmission does not work. Van Johnson wants to teach me how to overhaul a PG anyway. Van and Bracket Masters both own all the tools to do the job. My transmission was overhauled and the Dedenbear case re-certified in April of 2006 by TCI (NHRA/IHRA every 5 years). It only has 8 passes on it. I removed the pan and checked everything after the wreck and there was no indication of any problems. The oil was clean and nothing on the filter.