My new torque converter has three 11mm holes for bolting it to the flexplate. Nobody in Baton Rouge has any nuts and bolts that size. Since the converter, trans and engine are in the car, I had to enlarge the holes from under the car to get the bolts in and secure. Good thing I had a 90 degree attachment for my drill and a real short reamer. That took a lot of time. I have had several brands of converters. Most use a 12mm or 7/16 fine thread bolt. I have never had one with this size hole. A word of caution. Check your converter bolting as soon as you get it, especially if no bolts come with it.

I opened my Lexan package for the windows, which were purchased in Sept. 2007, and found they sent plane sheets of Lexan (Non-Mar). Not the cut to fit 67-68 Camaro windows that I ordered. Now I have to cut them myself.

Now I can slow down, relax and enjoy having a good time with my wife on Mother’s Day weekend.