There were a few interesting cars out there. Mr. Wayne “Poppie” Collins with his new Vett Pro-Mod. They were just making some slow test runs to get Mr. Collins back into the grove and to find out how the car would handle. Mr. Collins had not been down the track in over 30 years. I know how I felt after being away for two years and I was only driving a nine second car! Construction to Finish Photos

My friend from New Orleans put his Firebird into the sand pit when he didn’t deploy his chute at over 180 MPH and ran off the end of the track. Now SCR is demanding that ALL racers that go over 150 MPH must deploy their parachutes. No exceptions! You will not be allowed to run again if you don’t pop your chute at over 150 MPH.

I actually connected five components and the lights to the switch panel last night. The fan, water pump and fuel pump are now connected, so is the neutral safety switch and the starter.