He come over to look at the progress on the car. As he looked at the alternator installation, he observed the alignment being a little off. Van and I tackled correcting the problem. After a few minutes work, we had the alternator belt “almost perfect”. Mr. Johnson was ready to keep on working to get it that last 1/16″ back into “perfect” alignment. I was just happy that we got it that close!

After working on the alternator, we headed over to have Van meet Mr. Alvin Calhoun. After about an hour and a half, I had to separate those two. They would have talked all afternoon. While there, I told Mr. Mike Battley about the alternator. His comment was, “Two perfectionist working on the same problem, that must have been something to see”! I’ll take that as a complement.

While Van was in the workshop, I showed him my drawings of the cars electrical system. Van was impressed, but he wanted to know when I was going to color code all the wires on the drawing to match the cars system. I showed him the set of colored pens that I purchased for that purpose (after the car is running).

Yesterday Mr. Reggie Jackson stopped by to talk and look at the cars progress. Reggie suggested that I use a C.A.D. program to draw the system and color code everything. I may try to do that.

I painted the dash with low-luster black paint. I installed the Lexan panel with the MSD, RPM switch and 4 terminal boards. Most of my components, with the exception of the Fuel Pump, Water Pump and Fan, will terminate on this panel.

The four terminal boards are labeled and my drawing shows where each wire goes. Terminal board TB-1 has nine terminal points and is for general terminations. TB-2 provides 12V power directly from the battery to several components and has 4 termination points. TB-3 is a 6 terminal board that provides an engine ground of most of the components inside the car. TB-3 has 6 terminals and is for everything powered from the Auxiliary Switch on my main switch panel on the dash (Tach, Line Lock, RPM Switch, Delay Box and any other added item that needs switched 12V power).

Tuesday I had a chance to see Mr. Jason Adams new car. It is a super looking 69(?) Camaro! It has the best of everything, excellent paint job, powder coat, carbon fiber, chrome-moly, strut front end, you name it, it has it! Congratulations Jason. They may be testing at State Capitol Raceway this Friday night.