Today I put oil in the engine, 6 qts. of Havoline 10W-40, for break-in. After a few startup and cool downs I will switch to Lucas synthetic 10W-30 for the first time. Lucus supports NHRA and IHRA and I got a good sale price on a few cases last year.

Yes, I run synthetic 10W-30, but normally it is Mobil-1. I always do my break-in with Havoline. I have not lost an engine from bearing failure when using either of these oils, and that dates back into the early 90’s with my 383 and 360 engines. When I overhaul my engines the bearings are normally in excellent shape. My 555 crank was originally installed in 1999. The bearings are still standard with well over 450 runs!

Today I mounted the fan on the radiator put on the hoses. After mounting the assembly, filled it up with water and it is sitting with no leaks (no pressure).

After a visit by Mr. Houston Hawkins, and a discussion on the alternator alignment, I proceeded to correct the alignment problem. It took a while but I got it perfect. Now, the belt is way too loose and I have to purchase another, shorter, belt that will adjust out correct.

Houston inspected under the car, all of the bars, welding and the wiring. We discussed how quick the the car will be when it is finished. I am just wishing for 8.99, but Houston thinks it will be much quicker. He questions having only a 8.50 chassis inspection sticker. He may be right, when I think about it, all the bars are chrome-moly and it is all round tube from behind the driver all the way back. When it is scaled, we will know a lot more.(actual 2790 lbs. with driver)