Congratulations to Delancy Weaver – “Bo Weevil”, for winning the 1st Top Doorslammer Race at State Capitol Raceway. The runner-up was Kenneth Woods in his Chevy S-10 Truck.

Finals-Winner-Bo Weevil

Kenneth Woods Runner-Up

Arnold Jordan 69 Camaro

and Fo-Fo “Lil Sumptin” 71 Z-28

losing in the semi-finals.

There were over 20, sub 9 second cars competing for the 100% pay-back purse. The cars put on a great show.

Before heading for the track, I flushed my transmission cooler and the lines. I had permanently mounted the cooler in the very front of the car under, and behind the grill. There were no leaks from the transmission lines. After checking for leaks and flushing the lines, I cut and installed the cover for the big hole that I cut in the trans. tunnel and the firewall (I used Riv-Nuts which are perfect for removal of the cover at a later date).

I filled the fuel cell with C-14 racing fuel and there were no leaks there either.