We did suffer a power failure for about 9 hours today due to strong winds and tornado like weather in our area. I had just finished spray painting under the hood in the front part of the car, getting ready to permanently mount the Trans. Cooler. Nothing else got done after the lights went out.

I got in the truck and spent some time talking to Alvin about his latest business plan. Alvin is a very smart business man and he is going to expand his operation in the near future. Porting heads and testing them on his state-of-the-art Superflow flow bench is keeping him very busy. I am proud to say that my heads were worked over by Alvin. He is also a very good engine builder, specializing in Ford engines, but he has been known to build some great small and big block Chevy engines. His first love is, “Anything Ford”. He can port any heads that are made in the world (even those import heads).

When I get started on something I normally work until it is finished. When I started on the trans. cooler lines I found that I had to cut a little more than I had planned from the trans tunnel. In fact I had to cut some out of the firewall. I made up the lines using about $100 worth of -AN fittings and braided hose, but I got it done.

Then I looked at the outlet hoses on the fuel regulator and decided to renew those also. I reused all of my -AN fittings on the fuel lines so this only cost about $12 to finish. That job is now done and all the hoses are now complete for the fuel system, including the fuel gauge.

I will go back and flush all of those lines, trans cooler and fuel lines, at a later date. I will flow test the fuel system when I flush the lines.

PHOTOS of wiring and hoses.