I did accomplish something towards getting the car ready. I located all the original component instructions for all my different electrical and electronic equipment, then I sat down and made six pages of drawings and tables of my electrical system. I made a connection table that shows where each wire goes for each component and wiring diagrams for the dashboard, engine compartment, trunk and Fuel Pump Relay along with the board that contains the MSD and RPM Activated Switch. The only drawing I have left is the Delay Box with the Throttle Stop Solenoid. I may do a Logic Diagram if I really get carried away…

I think I used all of my Navy electrical training and System Engineering training that I received at the Nuclear Power Plant to pull this off.

Last week I talked about the improvements at State Capitol Raceway, but No Problem Raceway Park has not be sitting idle. They have added a lot of spectator seating on the spectator side of the track and the spectator parking is improved. I have always loved the multiple restrooms (with a shower) from the beginning and they have a great speaker system, almost as good as Hattisburg, MS.

Although the covered grandstands are not new, they are great! Thanks to Mr. Don Garrison for the “Martha Garrison Memorial Grandstands”! And as a side note, I know all the Jr. Dragster drivers are very thankful for the help that Mr. Garrison gives to that class. Each Q-16 event, where they also run the Jr. Dragsters, Mr. Garrison pays the entry fee for all the Jr. Dragsters that compete that day at No Problem Raceway Park. It is really good to hear stories about people that are giving back to the community and supporting kids.