Van and his family, Stella, Preston, Chandra, Byron and Eric were all there, along with Nick and his wife. They had leased an RV for the trip.

Van won the first round of the, race within a race, called the Cajun Challenge, or something like that, which was a way of having a time trial but the winner of the race getting to move on with a chance of winning $1000. Van ran a 10.88 on the 10.90 dial-in.

Van would not have such good luck for the second round. His starter locked up in the staging lane and they had to tow the car back to the pit area. When I left, around 3:00 pm, Van was in the process of changing the flywheel and starter. The old flywheel had some teeth missing. They will be ready for first round early Sunday morning. Photos for Sat. 3/21/09.