He is about at the same point as I am. He looked over my switch panel, which has 6 switches, lights and fuses and comes with the primary wiring already attached for the panel power and for the ignition system. He is going to install the same panel in his dragster. It is made by QuickCar.

I cut a hole in my dash and installed my switch panel today. I also installed wiring for the starter and the starter solenoid.

I had the tach mounted on the dash, but I had to remove it and remount it a few inches toward the rear of the car. The windshield would not fit with the tach in the position I had it. I also connected and labeled all the tach wires. I mounted the coil and it is connected to the distributor.

All I have left to mount is the MSD and the RPM Activated switch, Shifter and Delay Box.

I sent the “Dropped pan” filter back. I ordered the wrong thing, and they don’t have the same thing for a dominator carb. Looks like I will either not run a air cleaner or get a short (3″) scoop for the top on my cowl induction hood. I have also entertained cutting a hole in the hood and let the top of the filter stick out of the hood (about 2.5″). I have a 14″ K&N filter with the K&N filter top, so it would not look too bad. Either way, the hood will have to be cut.

I got my 4 ft. braided fuel line and it is going to work out perfect for the fuel gauge. I also got a new shifter knob with the line lock switch embedded in the knob. I put a new 4 ft. shifter cable on my old Hurst Quarter Stick shifter. Works perfect. Checked out the neutral safety switch. It is working just fine.

I have one gauge left to meet my goal of having all the gauges installed this week. Next week the goal will be to get the trans. cooler, shifter and MSD installed. The following week I will install the Delay Box (includes the throttle stop controller), and the Lexan windows. Looks like three weeks to startup!

I am going to No Problem Raceway Park for the Jegs Cajun SportsNationals, Friday, Sat. and (if Van is still winning) Sunday.