Anyway, now I have some more work to do under the car. I need to fab a plate to cover a crack in the frame where the crossmember attaches to the frame. This was suppose to be the original fix, but I tried to shortcut and fill the crack with MIG welding wire.

My alternator came back. The mount and crank drive are just beautiful. Jones Racing Products did an excellent job. I need to check on my drive shaft. It has been gone for about two weeks. It was sent to Houston to be balanced after the U-joints were changed and the yoke reworked to fit into my transmission tail shaft.

I talked to Van Johnson last night. He is getting ready for the Jegs Cajun Sports Nationals at No Problem Raceway Park on March 20-22, 2009. Van needs to get some seat time to finalize his throttle stop settings. He will be competing at NPRP on Sat., March 14th, which is Van’s birthday, and he will also be testing this Sunday at SCR. Happy Birthday Van! I will probably go out and support Van at NPRP this weekend and next.