¬†Gary is also the manager of State Capitol Raceway. I congratulated Gary on a “Job Well Done” in putting on a very successful Mardi Gras Nationals this past weekend. Gary has been the on the track person that has sparked this entire operation. Gary is the person where the buck stops! His mild manner and understanding of what the racers are going through is appreciated by the racers. With the full backing of Mr. Lewis, Gary has turned State Capitol Raceway into a track where racers enjoy coming AGAIN.

Enough cannot be said about the improvements that Mr. Lanny Lewis and The Lewis Companies have made to State Capitol Raceway. The track is longer, wider and safer. There are more spectator grandstands on both sides and a lot of concrete parking for the racers and vendors. There is now enough parking for many thousand fans (That should get the spectators cars out of the pits during major events!).