Now I am ready to start the inside wiring. I have purchased a different switch panel, that incorporates the switches, lights and fuses in one panel. The internal and connection wire is much larger than the other panel that I was going to use and the quality is better. It is a dirt track item from Clausen’s Racing and it is made by “Quickcar Racing Products”. The only thing that I will not have is the rocker switch to prime the fuel system. I will have to flip the toggle switch on and off to prime the system (You do prime your fuel system before you start the engine, don’t you? Priming the carb. allows the floats to rise gently and not slam up when the fuel rushes into the bowl, which could possibly hurt your float setting. This is especially significant on the first start of the day or after sitting a long period).

I don’t care for the dashboard setup on this car and will modify it to suit my vision and arm reach. The tach will be mounted on the top of the dash, not in it as the other owner had it (he didn’t like it either). I have decided to leave my fuel pressure gauge on the outside and not fool around with the isolator (KISS principle, right Charlie!).

Looks like testing in March is a little too aggressive. I guess Kevin Gray was right. Too many things that I want to do and not enough time. If I rush I may miss something important. I am still waiting on the alternator and drive shaft to come back.