I’ve been trying to fine the parts to repair it, but my MIG machine is 10 years old, the company has merged. The leak is in a hose that is not used by anyone any more (size is too small, .155″ OD). I am trying to rig it up with some of my Navy ingenuity and parts from Home Depot. None of the local welding supply places, or regulator repair shops, could help me.

I did get all of my bottles refilled for my welding machine and cutting rig, and I had to purchase a new regulator with gauge and flowmeter.

I laid out where the catch can and the trans. cooler will go and fabricated the straps to hole the radiator in place. I have two tabs to weld to complete this project.

Reading the NHRA rule book on lights, I may not be able to use the LED lights for tail lights. I will get a determination from the Div. 4 Director’s office technical dept.

Had an email from the owner of my old car, “Masterpiece”, today. Mr. Eddie Fisher is upgrading the body with new fiberglass parts and putting in a new floor. He is also painting the car. It should be stunning when it comes out, not to mention quicker!