I am going to have to fabricate a new bracket for my new radiator. The old arrangement was very flimsy and I did not like it anyway. Reggie Jackson came over and we discussed how we could mount it. My little MIG machine has already paid for itself many times over. The new support and the disconnect switch bracket both have to be welded.

I had cut all the cables and put lugs on those cables for mounting the disconnect switch on the back panel. Now I will have to re-run those wires to the new location.

I am installing LED lights in the tail light assemblies. They will be connected to the relay that operates the fuel pump. This way I will always have tail lights when the fuel pump is running. I lost a race once because I forgot to turn on my lights at dusk over in Eunice, LA. As I said in the past, I can always fine unique ways to lose races.

Tonight, Valentine’s Day, I am escorting my grand daughter, Liz Herbert, to a Father/Daughter Ball sponsored by “The Security Dads” at Glen Oaks High School.

The Security Dads are a very good organization that provide additional security on campus at Glen Oaks High School and at their special functions. They give out scholarships to deserving students and support the school in many other ways.