This one will fit about mid way between the water pump and the frame, it will be supported by the water pump bolts, and will allow for adjustment. The people at Jones Racing Products (C. J. and Chris) have been just great. This was one of the many companies I talked with at the PRI Show.

Today I decided to trial fit the drive shaft. I have the Dedenbear tail shaft on my PG transmission with Dedenbear case. The tail shaft has a roller bearing where the drive shaft yoke goes onto the output shaft. It did not fit. This is what I expected. I had this problem before and this trial fitting was to find out if I had this exact problem again. (The diagonal link must be disconnected at the back in order to get the drive shaft in place). This car has one standard drive shaft loop placed at the spot that NHRA dictates, and two more welded 360 degree loops that would capture the drive shaft in case it tried to come up through the floor. I have had this problem before, broken U-joint and broken drive shaft, many years back, and the results are not good for the inside sheet metal.

The normal yoke shaft OD is around 1.501″ or slightly larger. My yoke has to measure 1.497″ to 1.499″, and a hardened surface in the area of the bearing is recommended.

The drive shaft had no weights on it and I suspect it was not balanced. At any rate, with new parts it has to be re-balanced anyway. It also had one good u-joint and one bad one. I took the whole thing to have it completely reconditioned and to get the correct new yoke.

Good things happen when you are good to others! Today I wanted to get rid of the four tires and rims that came with the Camaro.

I thought about putting them on the junk pile, but I thought I would call Bert Riley, who sold me the car, and offer them to him for free. Bert was at the house in about 30 minutes! He loaded the tires and then asked to see the car.

I had taken the radiator out to have it tested and it was on the floor. Bert asked if I thought that small radiator would cool my 555 engine? I told him I that I had my doubts, but had not ordered a new radiator yet. Bert said he had a new 4-pass, aluminum radiator at his house and I could have it!

I ended up giving him the tires, the old radiator and a switch panel that came out of his old car. I got a lot of free space in my workshop and a new radiator. God is Good!