Congratulations to Mr. Van Johnson and Zubie Racing, LLC. They won runner-up at the 1/8 mile race at NPRP this past weekend.

Now the good part of the story. Van came out of the trailer with a 1/4 mile run of, 8.764 @ 150 MPH, with a 1.253 sixty ft. time!

Van has accomplished what I want to do when I come out. My friend has beat me to the promise land! Congratulations Van, Stella, Preston & Chandra (My Angel).

Today I learned another hard lesson when it comes to purchasing used equipment. I got hosed on a set of wheels. I purchased them from a racer (not from Baton Rouge) about 6 months ago, but just had them mounted today.

The wheels were 1/2 priced. A very attractive deal. There are many details to this story, but I will not bore you with them. Just beware when purchasing used racing equipment. Inspect and make sure of what you are getting.

After much altering and fixing, I got the wheels to fit, so all is not lost.