Month: February 2009

I went to check on my drive shaft and it was still in the big plastic bag, laying on the counter, right where I left it on Feb. 12th. I picked it up and left. I will get the work done someplace else.

Started laying out, on paper, the electrical system for the car. I did an inventory of connectors, splices and different size and color wire. I have the eight switch switch panel, which has enough wires attached to reach any component in the car, but there is no fuse panel. I used ckt. breakers before, and […]
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(modified 2/23/09)- All of the sheet metal is installed in the trunk, the fuel cell is installed IAW NHRA rules and the fuel system is connected. The batteries are in place and the only thing left back there is running the wire from the switch panel to the tail lights and fuel pump relay in the trunk. I installed the fuel pump relay today.

The next project will be to install the switch panel and wire all the gauges and components. While talking with Reggie Jackson, I pointed out in the NHRA rule book where the seat should be braced IAW NHRA General Regulations 6.2. (This is mandatory for NHRA and recommended for IHRA). Check your class (SST, S/G, […]
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Got a lot done, but nothing on the car. Cleaning up, straightening up and organizing the shop. It pays to stop every once in a while and put things in order. I will accomplish much more, quicker, when I go back to work on the car.

I went to Fastenal and got a variety of nuts, bolts and washers (grade-5 and grade-8). I was tired of looking for one of this and one of that through many drawers. Now I have a good assortment of everything I need to finish up. I also purchased some more drawers and bins to keep […]
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I had some UPS and Fed-Ex deliveries today. New seat and blue cover to match the car, “Push/Pull” disconnect assembly to comply with IHRA rules and some other stuff. I know the UPS man by name (Alford) and he always takes care of my stuff for me.

I am going to have to fabricate a new bracket for my new radiator. The old arrangement was very flimsy and I did not like it anyway. Reggie Jackson came over and we discussed how we could mount it. My little MIG machine has already paid for itself many times over. The new support and […]
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Sent alternator back for a new assembly.

This one will fit about mid way between the water pump and the frame, it will be supported by the water pump bolts, and will allow for adjustment. The people at Jones Racing Products (C. J. and Chris) have been just great. This was one of the many companies I talked with at the PRI Show. Today I […]
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