Put both headers on and the starter. Everything fit as it should. Tight, but it fit. I even put a few plugs in to see how much trouble that would be.

The morning was spent rounding up hoses for the radiator, a trans. mount from Sonny at Pro-Fab, and a hose for the evacuation system. The trans. mount is 1/2″ too short, but a shim will take up the space.

It is so many small items that have to be done. When I walk from the front to the back of the car all I can see is more little projects. Kevin Gray and his son, Ferrel, came over to get some carburetor work done. He asked me when I was going to be ready to go to the track. I said, March. He laughed and said, “You may make March if you work every day, 24/7!”

If I am going to make the first “Top Doorslammer” race on April 4, 2009, I need to do some testing in March. I think I can make it!