Now I have to remove the two engine bolts on the passenger side at the bottom and install the pickup for the crank trigger. I suspect this will be another adventure. When the alternator arrives that will go on the other side. I am going to try to install the headers next then go back to the front of the engine.

I am so glad I decided to put the engine in first. I discovered the transmission mount is missing and the man I purchased the car from does not know what happened to it. I will have to have one fabricated if an aftermarket unit will not take up all of the space (2 3/8″) I also discovered I have to cut a trap door into the transmission tunnel to install the cooler lines. The fabricated trans. tunnel is too tight to get hands into it, or to have room for my -AN fittings. Speaking about the trans. cooler, I have to find a place to mount that too. I have a very nice round unit with fins, but mounting it is going to be a challenge.

While I am thinking about it, I better put the drive shaft in and see if there are any more surprises.