I finished the engine today, with the exception of the water pump and damper. Those will be put on tomorrow. I was so happy with the look of the engine, I polished my valve covers for the first time since the engine was new in 1999. I will be full speed ahead on the gauges and wiring right after the damper is put on.

And true to form, the painter is not done with my spoiler, cowl panel and trunk as promised. I don’t really need it until after the engine is installed. I still have a lot of sheet metal work to do under the back end, in the trunk on the fuel cell protection and protection under the fuel pump.

Van also told me to take my time, enjoy the engineering and design of the car. Solving those little problems and learning about new tools and new methods of working to get the job done. Van said, I am retired, so all I have is time. Somewhere, in my many hours of reading I read, “Patience Is A Virtue”.