There will still be a drivers meeting, everyone interested is invited. The meeting will be at SCR on Sunday, January 25, 2008 at 2:00 pm.

What has XM, On-Star and a Nav. System? My new car! Decided to help out the economy and get a new GM car. I decided not to wait on the new Camaro, but I did get the Direct Injection V6 304 HP Engine. Couldn’t pass up that Red Tag Sale!

Today I finished the cowl panel installation. I have removed the spoiler and the cowl panel and they will go to the paint shop tomorrow. I used the steel Riv-nuts (not shown in photos). The aluminum Riv-nuts threads do not hold up very good unless there is no stress placed on them. If you want to get the screw tight (torqued), you must use the steel Riv-nuts. Installing the steel Riv-nuts is very hard using the manual installation tool to crush the Riv-nuts. Not impossible, but hard. I only had 6 of them to put on today and they were a real challenge.

I may order the pneumatic installation tool to put the windshield and rear window in the car. As I write this, I am thinking, maybe I can design some type of cheater bars to slip over the handles and be able to apply more pressure to those Riv-nuts. It will be worth a try. Judging from the cost of the manual kit, the pneumatic one is probably very expensive.

P. S.: I just went out on the internet and looked up prices. I was right! Very expensive. I did fine a method of installing steel Riv-nuts without anything but regular old hand tools. I also think my cheater bar technique will work!