Photography equipment: My church, Shiloh Missionary B. C. of Port Allen, LA, purchased new camera and camcorder equipment this past December. I now have state of the art camera equipment (prosumer).

I was given a budget and authorized to purchase whatever I thought I needed for the churches web site and to take photos in the church. I now have a new Nikon D90 camera and JVC 60 gb HDD camcorder. I also have many nice accessories and a nice zoom lens to go along with the camera.

You know this equipment will find its way to the drag strip. I can justify that because I am learning how to use the new equipment!

Speaking of learning, I learned a very valuable lesson when I purchased the zoom lens for the camera. I should have ordered the lens from the same vendor as the camera. I also should have spoken to someone before I finalized my purchase. I now own a “Gray Market” zoom lens. I got a real good price, but I don’t have a USA warranty and I am not eligible for a rebate ($70). I found that out when I tried to register the lens and was told that my lens was not “in there system”. This is one of the hazards of using the price grabber sites on the internet.