I worked on the rear spoiler on the car today for a few hours. I am almost done with it and it is coming out very good. I had to fabricate a “break” to bend the wing. Now I know why they included the piano hinge that I did not use! I almost started over so I could use it, but decided to put a permanent bend in the top of the wing to accomplish what the hinge would have done. I don’t need it to be adjustable, my wing won’t move after it is mounted permanent. I did use the riv-nuts, so it can be removed. I will send the spoiler to the painter and complete the installation when it comes back. If I can help it, the car will not go back.

The next project will be to complete the cowl panel in front of the windshield. After that, the wiring and gauges. These two go hand-in-hand. The Lexan will be done after the wiring. I decided not to install the rear bumper. That was going to be a nightmare with no benefit, except cosmetic. I am still trying to decide on the front. Looking at photos of the old “Masterpiece”, it did not have a front bumper.