Month: January 2009

“Best Kept Secret…”

 I just read a very interesting post: “Best Kept Secret…”, on, by Frenchy, in the Bench Racing Section, on engine tuning using O2 sensors. Check it out. NOTE: I called JEGS and the unit that is referenced in the post is no longer available (from JEGS). Everything is much more expensive now. All they carry […]
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Everything fit as it should. Tight, but it fit.

 Put both headers on and the starter. Everything fit as it should. Tight, but it fit. I even put a few plugs in to see how much trouble that would be. The morning was spent rounding up hoses for the radiator, a trans. mount from Sonny at Pro-Fab, and a hose for the evacuation system. The […]
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Two big meetings tomorrow at SCR, the first will be for the Fast Bracket (Top Sportsman) at 1:00 pm, the second is the monthly BMRT meeting which will be held at 3:30 pm.

Today I took the engine off the engine stand, put the converter on the transmission and connected the eng. and trans. and put them into the Camaro. Only four bolts at the mid plate are holding it, along with the hoist and jack, while I try to determine what type of transmission mount to put in. […]
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“Cracked Pots”

 My Upper Room meditation for July 10, 2008 was one that I removed and kept for future reference. It is filed in my Bible next to 2 Corinthians 4: 1-18, and reads: “Cracked Pots”We have this treasure in clay jars, so that it may be made clear that this extraordinary power belongs to God and does not […]
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MLK Day!

Yesterday, Sunday, after setting all the valves, installing the intake and putting the valve covers on, I decided to put the damper on the crank. I always like to install the damper very close to zero, with #1 piston ready to fire (compression stroke). After moving the crank to the zero position and checking to […]
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