Today, I was contacted by my friend, Larry Gotreaux (“The Stampeede Bandit” Mustang), about my views on trying to establish a bracket at State Capitol Raceway for cars that run between 8.99 and 7.50 seconds. This bracket would be limited to doorslammers only.

One of the main benefits would be to decrease the amount of rounds that these cars must run to win a bracket (Q-16 only goes 4 rounds). The field could be unlimited entry, or if the racers prefer, it could be limited to 8, 16 or 32 cars (5 rounds). Another benefit would be the exciting racing between these closely matched, really quick doorslammers!

This idea is new for this area, and is open for discussion. There are no rules yet, and they would be decided upon with the track and the racers.

If you have thoughts on the idea, pro or con, please contact Larry at:
you can also email me at: and I will pass your comments to Larry.