The hardest part was making the first cut. The wing only has 5 parts (I decided not to use the piano hinge across the trunk). I made a paper templet for the sides and measured and measured and measured and then made the cut. It came out about an inch too short, so I cut an inch off that side piece and instead of having a wing side fin that extends back 14 inches, it will only go back about 13 inches. The wing will go back about 2-3 inches less.

When I opened the box that the wing came in, I did not see any instructions. I purchased this about a year ago and opened it when it came. I thought I had lost or misplaced the instructions. I looked at the vendors web site (A.R.T.) and wrote an email asking for instructions. They don’t have instructions for this “universal wing”. They were nice enough to give me a phone number and offer to help. Very fortunate for me, the old “Masterpiece” had a wing that is very close the this one. I took photos of the wing a few months ago, when Eddie Fisher had the car out at the track, and I found them and printed them. Me advice to anyone installing a wing, stay away from the Universal Wing and pay a few $$$ more and get the custom fit for your body style.