The car has several spots that I want to have buffed out. I own a variable speed sander/polisher, but it did not have the correct thread for retaining the buffer pad. Most new style buffer pads have a velcro retention system, and I do mean system.

The last time I did any serious sanding on a paint job, the smoothest sandpaper available was 1200 grit. Now, sandpaper comes in grits up to 2000! Talk about smooth.

I experimented on one out-of-the-way spot and it came out very good. I purchased the required adaptor to change my polisher to the correct thread size and the buffer pad retention pad, along with two different foam buffing pads. I also purchased a quart of some very expensive 3M buffing compound that is suppose to work with greater than 1500 grit sandpaper.

The one spot that I did looked so good, I want to do the whole car, but for now I will concentrate on the 8-10 spots that are most noticeable, hood, tops of fenders and below the back window glass.

This is going to be another learning experience. The countermen at B&T Paints on Choctaw Ave. were very helpful.