Silas Rogers Nova was at the track Friday night and had a best ever time of 9.38 @ 144 mph. They took the car back on Sat. for the big bracket race and got down to 9.26, which was on a breakout run in the second round. Silas Jr. was the driver.

Early Friday afternoon, Silas Jr. and I sat down to the practice tree and we discussed how to stop his tendency to red light. After a few practice tree lessons, Silas Jr. was consistently cutting lights under .015 on the practice tree. We had a good discussion on human reaction time and car reaction time. We also discussed how to determine how much delay to put into the box and what goes into determining that number. We talked about daytime vs. nighttime and how the tree is easier to see at night. We talked about LED bulbs vs. incandescent bulbs. All of which determine how much delay you put into your box.

During time trials Friday night he had one RT of .007 and another of .009. Saturday he continued to cut good lights but he broke out in the first and second rounds as the car continued to get quicker.

Now all we have to do is learn how to dial in good numbers. After they get comfortable with the delay box, I will introduce them to the weather station. With any luck, you will see that white Nova in the winners circle before too long.

The Nova will be slowed down by cutting down on the 540’s power. Silas wants to run in the low 10 second range. This will give us more consistency, it will be easier to control and it will be safer on those eleven inch tires.