I have received many parts for the “67” Camaro. As previously noted, the car was sold to me as a 68, but the serial number indicated it was a 67. The grill and tail lights were 68, but there were no side marker lights in the front or rear fenders and that got me to looking into it a little more. I have ordered all the correct outside trim to make it a 1967 Rally Sport Camaro. Most of it is here with a few parts on back order. After the work is complete in the house I will start to work on the car again.

Hurricane Gustav and the paint job really put a dent into my schedule for testing, which I had said would be late Sept. or early Oct. 2008. Looks like I may be ready early in the 2009 season.

Alvin Calhoun and myself will attend the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) show in Orlando, Florida. The show will be held, Dec. 11-13, 2008. Alvin has attended the past two years, but this will be my first time.

The PRI show is billed as a “Trade Only Show”, so you cannot enter the Orange County Convention Center unless you have credentials issued by PRI. There are many categories that are allowed to apply for complementary tickets/credentials. My company, Holbert Enterprises, which has a license issued by the State of Louisiana, was allowed to obtain credentials. I had to send a business card, a copy of my business license and describe what my business does in the racing community.

There will be over 1450 exhibitors who will have their latest products on display. There will be many demonstrations and seminars over the three day period. This should be better than any car show or seminar I have ever attended.

I have applied for special permission to bring a camera inside the show. If I am allowed to take photos, I will try to show my readers a good portion of what I see at the show.

P. S. I am pulling for the Rays, but I am old school about rain-outs and complete games after 4.5 innings. Philly should be winners of the World Series. The new rule, as of 2007, is good for the Rays and baseball. I guess this is progress. Go Rays (Ringing a cow-bell)!