Just a little rich, but I decided to leave it that way for the protection of the engine. All of the plugs were consistently the same amount of richness. Maybe I should try that 4-hole spacer that he has. I cleaned up all of the plugs and reset the gap on all of them.

Silas took the car to SCR tonight (Friday) and again, Jr. red light in the 2nd round against “Little Charlie” of Young Blood Racing. Jr. put the wrong number in the box and left too early. The car ran a best of 9.49 @ 135 mph with him getting out of it on the top end. I am very proud of the Nova!

Tonight I stayed home to finish my workbench. It is completely done! I put the final two coats of Walnut Gloss stain/polyurethane paint on it tonight. It really looks nice, and it came out almost as good as I wanted it too. I am ready for Mr. Johnson to come over and inspect.

October (the best month) 1, 2008
Checked on the car at the painter yesterday. He promised I would have it back by Friday of next week.

We will be starting on home repairs this coming Monday, so I will not have a lot of time to devote to the car for the next month. My time table for testing is, realistically, back into early 2009.