I dropped in on the painter, unannounced, today. The car is sanded but not ready to paint. The painter is not working on the car at all. He is doing a very large, non-automotive, project and has put everything else on the back burner (turned down real low).

I started back to work on the workbench and I now have one drawer in place. It actually slides in and out real well. I tried to make the drawer using a “sliding dovetail” joint. That is my last attempt at that. The next drawer will be a simple “rabbit” glue joint. After the drawer, I only have the two doors and the top left.

Maybe by the time I finish the workbench and get the engine assembled, the car may make it into the paint booth. Good thing about being retired, I have lots of time. The weather is getting to the time of year that I love in Louisiana. Fall, with the low humidity and mild temps.

The work on the house of installing a new roof, new insulation in the attic and the inside repairs where our hurricane damages occurred, should start shortly. We have finished with the adjuster and we have contracted with a local builder that has done work for us in the past. This contractor has always done very good work for us so we are happy to have them. I have always talked about Barbara having us over insured. This time it has really paid off!