We have had several good things happen since getting our power back. The insurance adjustor came and did his assessment. We are waiting on the results. They will replace the whole roof, along with all of the sheet rock that was wet and the insulation in the attic that got wet. We got a FEMA Blue Roof on the house yesterday. This roof may be on for a while. Roofing contractors are booked up for months. Cox restored our cable service yesterday.

Funny thing happened while we had no cable service. We discovered that we can get HD Digital service over our indoor antenna, if we are watching a new TV with a digital converter. Our new 42″ flat screen TV, with digital converter found 12 digital channels in our area (using auto program), enough to see the Saints lose in HD, and the Jets and Cleveland to lose. All of which I was pulling for. The Digital HD picture over the indoor antenna was as good as the signal we get over cable. The only problem is, no ESPN, NFL Network or CNBC.

I talked to the painter. They are about to ramp back up, after regaining power in his shop. I should have the car back shortly.

With all the work that has to be done on the house, I may not get to work on the engine any time soon. I am having a hard time getting back into a regular routine, including time to update the computer web sites.

How is your 401K doing? Don’t panic! Now may be the time to go bottom fishing (DOW is down over 750 points in three trading days). Your monthly allotment to purchase shares will buy a lot more shares at the lower prices. I learned that from my stockbroker son.